Security Protection Policy

Datacontrol Co., Ltd. is committed to safeguarding information assets from all threats as a part of our social responsibility. We will continue to exist as a trusted entity by our business partners and customers. To achieve this, we have formulated this “Information Security Basic Policy” and will implement secure and appropriate measures for information security as follows.

  • 1. Management and Protection of Information Assets

    We will implement appropriate human, organizational, and technical measures to prevent unauthorized access, leakage, tampering, loss, destruction, and denial of use to information assets, ensuring their secure and proper management and operation.

  • 2. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

    We will comply with laws and regulations related to information security measures and personal information protection.

  • 3. Conducting Education and Training

    We will provide education on the importance of information security to those who utilize our information assets, ensuring thorough understanding and dissemination of this basic policy.

  • 4. Obligations and Penalties for Compliance

    The “Target Persons” defined in our ISMS manual are required to maintain the ISMS basic policy and act in accordance with ISMS-related documents. Violations of the ISMS basic policy and related documents may result in penalties in accordance with our employment regulations.

  • 5. Continuous Improvement

    We will regularly evaluate and review this basic policy, related rules, and management system to achieve continuous improvement in information security.

Privacy Policy

At Datacontrol Co., Ltd., we recognize that the proper management and confidentiality of personal information used in our business is of utmost importance. Therefore, based on the following policies from section 1 to 6, we strive to protect personal information.

  • 1. Definition of Personal Information

    We define specific information that can identify an individual as personal information. Such information includes:
    • Name, date of birth, gender, phone number, address, company name, department, position, ID numbers that can identify individuals, email address, or other combinations of information that can identify an individual.
    • Information that, when combined with the above or other data, can identify a specific individual.

  • 2. Collection and Use of Personal Information

    Datacontrol Co., Ltd. will not collect personal information by any unauthorized means. When collecting personal information, we will clearly state the purpose of use, and manage the information while notifying or disclosing the purpose to our customers.

  • 3. Management of Personal Information

    To protect personal information from leakage, loss, tampering, or destruction, Datacontrol Co., Ltd. ensures that our employees understand the importance of personal information protection. We have established, implemented, maintained, and continuously improved safety management regulations to properly safeguard personal information.

  • 4. Outsourcing

    Datacontrol Co., Ltd. may outsource the acquisition, input, transmission, use/processing, storage, deletion/disposal of personal information. However, we obligate the outsourcing parties to have proper management through contracts and supervise them responsibly.

  • 5. Provision and Disclosure to Third Parties

    Datacontrol Co., Ltd. will not provide or disclose personal information entrusted by customers to third parties.

  • 6. Disclosure of Personal Information

    If customers request disclosure, correction, or suspension of use regarding their personal information provided to Datacontrol Co., Ltd., we will take appropriate measures to accommodate their requests.

August 14, 2023
Datacontrol Co.,Ltd.
President Kent Hara

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