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Our core belief is that the power of human relation can make a positive difference in society.
It is because even though we may feel powerless alone, our capabilities expand when people work together.
That is why we want to build trust and make achievements with you
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Want to promote your security solutions in Japan?
Datacontrol is your best partner.

If you are looking to enter the Japanese market, you should choose your partner carefully.
Datacontrol has 40 years of experience working with global start-ups
and we know everything about Japanese business practices, SMB market, and its unique network environment.

  • SubGate

One of Datacontrol’s representative achievements is the FortiGate series, which has become Japan’s No. 1 market share unified threat management (UTM) product that can respond to diverse cyber attacks. Also, the SubGate series, L2 intelligent switches with security functions, has been increasing the number of sales in many Japanese companies as an effective appliance against targeted attacks.

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  • FortiGate Percentage by office size

Partnership with Datacontrol

Fortinet, known for its FortiGate series, was also a small start-up company. We supported them to start their business in Japan. We took on the role of Fortinet’s Japanese subsidiary and provided full support, not only in marketing and sales, but also in technical customization for the Japanese network environment.

OUR HISTORY “Since 1979” datacontrol Co., Ltd.

We have crossed
paths with many startups.

Since starting our business 40 years ago, we have met many start-ups through our products and services.
The accumulation of these experiences has become the history of Datacontrol’s business.

  • Registered Datacontrol Limited


    Registered Datacontrol Limited

    Started a business dealing with decorations using optical fibers in the United States, but eventually sold it to an advertising company. With the funds earned, registered “Datacontrol Limited” to start new business. Founder Hara was inspired by the rise of startups in silicon valley and decided to start a business with his brother.

  • Became sole distributor in Japan for TCP/IP software WINS


    Became sole distributor in Japan for TCP/IP software WINS

    The Wollongong Group which had been working on TCP/IP emulators for mini computer OS VAX/VMS made by DEC has developed TCP/IP software ‘’WINS’’ for computers. Datacontrol became the sole distributor in Japan and technical support of The Wollongong Group. Consumers will start hearing about TCP/IP after the release of Windows 95 which was 9 years after this event.

  • Released FortiGate, security gateway device


    Released FortiGate, security gateway device

    The encounter with Fortinet, Inc. was our huge turning point. All in-house UTM including hardware seemed very difficult for startup and all other VCs were hesitant to invest while we felt potential to the concept and invested from associated company. We supported their Japan expand in both sales side and technical side and now the device is sold 7,000 to 8,000 every year.

  • Released SubGate, internal network security solution


    Released SubGate, internal network security solution

    Became sales agent of HanDreamnet Co., Ltd. and started selling SubGate, L2 intelligent switch with security function. This appliance is made for preventing virus spread or secondary damage after the infection. Society started to care about the post incident after the international epidemic of ‘’WannaCry’’ ransomware in May 2017.

  • Development and release of original service DC JUST


    Development and release of original service DC JUST

    In 2019, FortiGate released an interface for data linkage with external systems. We came up with the idea to develop a service which links FortiGate and Japan-specific threat information (JLIST) provided by LAC who we already had a relationship with. After testing the possibility and effectiveness many times, we have finally released the service. Now it is bandled to all of the Fortigates sold from Canon related companies.


Corporate information

  • Company Name

    Datacontrol Co., Ltd.

  • Address

    Head Office
    11-19 Obase-cho, Tennoji-ku, Osaka 543-0028 Japan
    TEL: +81-6-6763-2662 FAX: +81-6-6763-2696

    Tokyo Office
    NMF Gotanda-Ekimae Bldg, 5th Floor, 1-1-8 Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0031 Japan
    TEL: +81-3-5434-2331 FAX: +81-3-5434-2332

  • Established

    December 24, 1979

  • Capital

    70 million Yen

  • Management

    President    Kent Hara
    Managing Director    Kenji Iwasaki
    Independent Director    Kazuya Komoto
    Managing Executive Officer    Otoda Kazunori
    Auditor        Kanjiro Tanaka

  • Our business

    Distribution of IT network security products / Planning, development, operation of original solutions / Providing product support and educational services

  • Associated companies and organizations

    WiZaaS Co., Ltd.
    The Hara Model Railway Museum
    The Hara Research Foundation
    Alliance Forum Foundation
    DEFTA Inc.