Corporate Information

Datacontrol Co., Ltd. (DCL) has been established for the purpose of creating the business chance in this marketplace. In order to materialize the purpose, DCL has decided to
1) utilize accumulated information of good quality
2) integrate and activate human resources, money funds, manufacturing technology, marketing power, distributing sales network and so on,
which will lie scattered in Japan, U.S., and areas of other Pacific rim countries.
DCL is in a position to pull out their potential power and make them to realize concretely. And then, DCL will contribute toward keeping peaceful and happy world for the human being.

Datacontrol Co., Ltd.
Head Office 11-19 Obase-cho, Tennoji-ku, Osaka 543-0028 Japan
TEL: +81-6-6763-2662
FAX: +81-6-6763-2696
Tokyo Office NMF Gotanda-Ekimae Bldg, 5th Floor, 1-1-8 Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0031 Japan
TEL: +81-3-5434-2331
FAX: +81-3-5434-2332
Established December 24, 1979
Capital 70 million Yen
President Kent Hara
Executive Managing Director Kaye Mishima
Managing Director Kenji Iwasaki
Auditor Kanjiro Tanaka

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